SpinTires – To The Rescue Map

To The Rescue Map mod for Spintires. My second map, so to speak, get used to the editor. Map plot: You were sent to help in a neighboring area, you arrived on your equipment. The head of the region said that there is a garage on the opposite bank of the river, but the local driver Vasilich, who was supposed to take the parts to the garage, has the key to it. But Vasilich unhooked the trailer from his house and wound up fermenting the forester in the house. The head also said that the inhabitants of a large village are very rebellious, that timber trucks will go through their village and break up a not so good road. But nowhere to go, one road and have to carry. True, one hunter from a small village said that at the end of their village there used to be a road through a swamp and it went to an old gas station, not far from a logging site. But last year he went hunting there and on the way back he planted a shishig so that he even had to drop the trailer. By the way, he said that he would put a bottle if, in between cases, the trailer was dragged to the house!) On the map: – 1 lumbering + 1 loading point; – 5 sawmills; – 1 gas station; – 4 cars on the map; – 1 Ural at the start (replaceable) + 3 slots for your car; – 7 intelligence points.


File Detail: 10.7 MB / RAR
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