The Alps 22 Map V0.8.0 FS22

The ALps 22 Map V0.8.0 mod for FS22.

Hello little info, the map has been repackaged and should now only be one version again! The Alps22 Map built with love!

Version 0.8:
I looked through some videos and comments and addressed some errors. 8th)
I edited the shop again and fixed errors!
There is only one log error and it has to do with the Farmlands!
As I said, I work alone on their map and don’t have that much time, so there is no V1 yet.
The planned date for the V1 would be April

I built the map by myself and of course I watched a few videos
I took the 15 version and brought almost everything to the Ls22 stand.
I tried to rebuild the map as little as possible, of course it’s not 100% but you can see it very well.
Oh yeah, it’s a beta version so not everything is finished and neither is the Pda Map.
Please don’t be so critical, version 1.0.0 will then be 100% complete.


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