Volvo FH Relase in October

Euro Truck Simulator 2 new DLC Package. New Model Volvo FH truck and engine , accessory, upgrade pack , skin pack. Relase in October. explanation in Scs Software; We'd like to make our future Euro Truck Simulator 2 updates focused each on one major new feature, while of course providing regular little fixes. The highlights of the updates include launch of the World of Trucks website, the new Volvo FH model, and a whole new traffic AI. These are things we have previously revealed or at least hinted at, but there are some more little surprises coming, too. With the release of Going East! add-on, we have it confirmed that loyal fans are also loyal customers, ready to support continuous development of Euro Truck Simulator 2. We are committed to giving you regular free updates of the game, but we will also try exploring new business opportunities to help us further grow the company and to be able to accelerate the development progress. We hope that many of you are ready to come along for the ride! And here is a glimpse of something that we think will be fun to drive, don't you agree? volvo_2
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