Williamson Commercial Grain Farms V1.0 FS19

Williamson Commercial Grain Farms V1.0 mod for FS19. A large Arable farm which specialises in the cultivation and commercial storage of grains. Storing on average 10Million litres of grain across their two commercial sheds. Changelog 1.1: – Updated the description – Removed trees that wouldn’t load for all players to reduce file size – Improved shoot visuals by adding a rubber tube. – Added a non-realistic version of the shed with 10M Litres of storage in the silo. – Removed the concrete Pad – Redesigned the graindryer Price : £250 000 Capacity: 185000L Seasons Supported The fuel silo in the yard is functional but needs to be refilled at the Grainpit. The silo only hold 185K litres to simulate a graindryer. the full 10M Litres of storage is by emptying the crop from the shutes (using conveyors) into the grain sheds and then bucketing it back out with a wheel loader or telehandler when selling the crop. The concrete square on the side is for fertilizer and herbicide tanks as in the UK they need a catchment system to be legal.


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