ATS – Truck Rescue Trailer Pack (1.35.x)

Truck Rescue Trailer Pack mod for ATS1.35.x.

For 1.35x only.

It’s time to put on your work boots and get moving. Trucks from all around have broken down and they need your help getting towed to Kenworth dealers to be repaired!

This mod utilizes the first part of the SCS truck transporter combined with normal trailers.

There are 23 base loads that can be picked up from a variety of prefabs and 1 “exclusive” load that can only be picked up from 1 location. I tried my best to randomize the truck colors as much as possible. Some loads allow the configuration cog to switch what type of trailer the truck being rescued is pulling.

***You may have trouble fitting out of some prefabs. Check space constraints before accepting the load.

Do NOT ask me to update this to include modded trucks and/or trailers. You are stuck with the T680’s. Deal with it or don’t use the mod at all. The entire purpose of this is to allow you use any standalone truck and not require a specific mod to make it work. Only base SCS assets are used with the exception of the exclusive load, which is just a skin.

***This mod will NOT work in MP due to the recent changes in rules for the simulation server.

I will NOT update this mod to include every single type of trailer/cargo variety in the game.

This mod is NOT DLC dependent in any way, shape, or form. I will not update it to support DLC trailers either. I will only consider updating more trailers if additional base trailers are added that aren’t DLC dependent.


File Detail:2.3 MB / SCS
ATS – Truck Rescue Trailer Pack (1.35.x) Download File
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