Case Ih 1255/1455 Xl V1.0 FS19

Case IH 1255/1455 XL V1.0 mod for FS19.

– New colors
– New wheels
– Beacons configuration
– Horns configuration
– Top lights configuration
– Many animated parts (via Simple IC)

NOTE: You will find a lot of SimpleIC buttons on the front. They are for the different exhausts and Air filters.(They can be removed so it looks realistic when you open/remove the top part of the bonnet) So don’t be surprised if you click something and nothing happens. As i said the top part of the bonnet can be lifted or can be removed. (2 different IC buttons)

HerrKrupp,GMaster, Crownzilla

Case Ih 1255/1455 Xl V1.0 FS19 Download File
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