ETS 2 – As Extreme Realistic Physics Mod


ETS2 Version: 1.26

This time I created a rather unpredictable physics mod.
The mod touches virtually all of the physics parameters of the truck, inclination, brakes, brake temperature decreased (they heat up before and lose efficiency), adhesion of the wheels to the asphalt. Behavior in general to make it look as much as possible to take a truck in real life.
Also it touches the effectiveness on the clutch pedal, and all the parameters of behavior in the interior of the cabin, in relation to the effects that the conduction produces on the conductor; Acceleration, braking, tilt, seat spring, etc.

Author: Rockeropasiempre Tester: Cupid

File Details:N/A / 1 MB
ETS 2 – As Extreme Realistic Physics Mod Download File

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