ETS 2 – Harsh Russia Baikal R9 Map Fixed (1.27.X)

ETS 2 Version: 1.27.x

Adaptation: _69_mf_, Pancha (finding problems).
Adapted to 1.27.x
Removed all the equipment except for MAN Magnet.
Removed extra shields (where was the passport photo) all over the map.
Sewn off-road trailers.
Road wheels for off-road trailers. (To put a higher card)
Now Russian police. (Thanks Jazzycat)
You can select the trailer model, replace the Magnet’s tandem on semitrailer. (Watch the video)
The order of installation see on the video.
In the archive you have created a profile for those who have problems with creating a new one.
Dlc_east DLC, dlc_fr, dlc_north.scs is disabled.

Pack Russian traffic from Jazzycat

Download Part 1 –  Download Part 2


ETS 2 – Harsh Russia Baikal R9 Map Fixed (1.27.X) Download File

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