ETS 2 – Mercedes Benz Axor Truck V1 (1.28.X)

ETS 2 Version: 1.28.x

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First of all greetings friends I will share the axor v1 mode I have done with you today.

Model = Danz
Edit, Transform = I (Understanding the Misconception of Adaptation to the Last Session)
Version = 1.28 tested no problem
Producer = Yunus8102 (Yunus Aman)
Features =
Shutter Bumper color-plastic option
3 cabin 1 chassis
retarder gearbox types
b cabin spirits
rear mudguard cut normal
Can not Bind! …
Original needle
Colorful plastic mirror and sunshade
I tried to do the sunshine from the inside,
Cab DLC, Flag DLC ​​Compatible

To do at V2
Ambience Coating (AO)
Types of Modifiye
Led Types

Yunus Aman

ETS 2 – Mercedes Benz Axor Truck V1 (1.28.X) Download File

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