ETS 2 – Realistic Economy Mod (1.27.X)

ETS 2 Version: 1.27

I am a daily ETS2 player I really like the game but, I decided to create this mod because the Economy is not realistic enough. The problem with it is the experience points which are really off point. What I decided to do is to increase some of the points given to you at the end of deliveries. I have increased the long distance points because you have to get a good reward after a long haul.

– Better experience points when parking with the trailer.
– Easier to gain money from jobs.
– Jobs last longer.
– Fines are increased due to money profit.
– Bigger interest on loans but longer amount of time to pay them.
– Garage upgrades cost less to make it more realistic.
– Hiring drivers cost more.
– Driver’s revenue is increased.
– Drivers will take the best jobs that are available.
– Fuel discount in your garage is lowered to 10%.
– Selling trucks is now more realistic. (Sell them for more)
– You need to buy atleast 10 trucks for online buy.
– Avoiding sleep in now a serious thing.
– €6,322 per 1km

Kacperth Workshop, SCS Software

ETS 2 – Realistic Economy Mod (1.27.X) Download File

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