ETS 2 – Renault Range T 480 Euro 6 Truck V6 (1.27.X)

ETS 2 Version: 1.27.x

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New Version 6.0:
-New Cabin Attached. Night & Day Cab
-The improvements were done.
-It’s been upgraded.
-Original Fender Added.
-Orriginal fuel tank Added.
-Polygon and Some Vertex Breaks Corrected.
-Adblue Depo new textures.
-High Turbo Sound Added.
-New Cabin Coat Renewed.
-Chassis Errors in the have been removed.
-Collapse Problem Solved.
-Side Skirt Position Corrected.
-Chassis Protection Added.
-New Low Cabin Interior Regulation was done.
-8×4 Chassis Modeled. (Special for Heavy Transportation)
-8×4 Chassis Enhancement Light etc. Adjustments were made.
-The chassis models are designed and modeled from scratch.
-8×4 Corrected.
-8×4 tower (by MADster)
-Original Road Computer (Dashboard) Added. (Produced by: Piva)

Models : Wojtek Metrak Edit & Tuning Parts : Polatlı Mods Team

ETS 2 – Renault Range T 480 Euro 6 Truck V6 (1.27.X) Download File

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