ETS2 – Naturalux – Enhanced Graphics And Weather (1.35.x)

Naturalux – Enhanced Graphics And Weather mod for ETS2 1.35.x.

NaturaLux is a weather and graphics mod that brings the game engine to a new level.

Over 250 skybox / skydome textures, mostly from 8 to 16K quality
Each Skybox / Skydome texture comes with an individual and most realistic image that is currently possible within game limits.
Improved, custom and realistic cloud shadows
Realistic solar images (including non-standard highlights)
Improved skybox pattern (higher poly, seamless texture)
Improved alpha channels for realistic cloud masking (the sun no longer shines through the clouds)
Improved visual effects in rainy weather (new streaks of rain, no bright sun in a cloudy sky, fog, rainbow, changes in the intensity of rain)
Realistic and soft bloom settings
New sound effects (rain and thunder)
Some improved ground textures
More realistic light flashes and light behavior / visual effects
Improved particles
Overhaul night imaging incl. realistic and correct night and star positions
Realistic images of the moon
New loading screens

Requirements – Euro Truck Simulator 2 (64-bit) 1.35.xs – DX11 only

Kirill (GerScaniaTrucker)

- Dirk2234
- Yojinbo
- Clumsy (theclumsygeek)
- Inklicker76 (Matthew)
- JayCetic
- Silverwolf
- Sven Engelen
- Skeleth
- Todd A
- Clumsy (theclumsygeek)
- Inklicker76 (Matthew)
- JayCetic
- Silverwolf
- Sven Engelen
- Skeleth
- Todd A
- CascadeOverload
- Chris94_NOR
- luukf8
- Spectre

File Detail:3.6 GB / 7Z
ETS2 – Naturalux – Enhanced Graphics And Weather (1.35.x) Download File
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