ETS2 – Save East Express V10.9 (1.30.X)

ETS 2 Version: 1.30.x

Save for the Orient Express card 10.9 for those who can not create a new profile.
There are two profiles in the archive. For East Express + Default
And for the East Express Autonomous.

V.E. + Default …
All skills are open
There are two IVECO salons. RENAULT
Level 162 (1,000,002 hr)
Money 499 999 834 112 euro
One small garage (Moscow)
0.07% of the map
Passenger transportation is open.

All skills are open
Level 162 (1 000 007 hr)
Money 499 999 703 040 euro
One small garage (Moscow)
0.02% of the map was examined
Passenger transportation is open


ETS2 – Save East Express V10.9 (1.30.X) Download File

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