ETS2 – Scania S V-Led (Mp) V1 (1.34.x)

Scania S V-Led (Mp) V1 mod for ETS2 1.34.x.

Thanks to this mod, you do not need to edit the recording file and profile from V-LEDs. You can use Scania S V-LED in your profile without any problems.
Click on SUBSCRIBE to the address above
Run Euro Truck Simulator 2 (SP) via Steam.
On the profile selection screen, click Mode Manager.
Scania S 2016 Double-click the V-LED mode and activate this mode.
Click the Submit Changes button.
Log in to your profile, buy SCANIA S in the SCANIA Gallery and customize it yourself
Turn off the SP and switch to MP.
Click the “Continue” button.


File Detail:38 KB / SCS
ETS2 – Scania S V-Led (Mp) V1 (1.34.x) Download File
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