FS19 – Hooklift Sprayer V1.2

Hooklift Sprayer V1.2 mod for FS19.
changelog v1.2.0.0
– Spent a few hours in Photoshop to change the color to a neutral grey while retaining the details like the colored nozzles.
– Changed the color of the tank from Yellow to Bare Metal.
– Changed Manufacturer to Fliegl.
– Updated avatar for the store.

changelog v1.1.0.0
– Added selectable collision on sprayer arms (cost penalty when disabling collision)
– Lowered center of mass = less likely to make your truck/trailer tip over.
– Adjusted base price.

Based on the JD 4045 sprayer by KMN modding (with permission).

– Works like any other sprayer in-game.
– 36.6m width, 20km/h max work speed.
– 28.000 liter capacity #sprayAllDay
– standard hooklift/itrunner frame dimensions
– Hired worker compatible
– Selectable material on the tank (paint, chrome, shiny, less shiny etc..)
– Optionable collisions on sprayer arms, so you cant get stuck in trees #workerFailsBeGoneHopefully
– No known log errors

Original Authors 5nine, KMN Modding, Giants. Repaint by Lloyd O Boyette.

File Detail:33.7 MB / ZIP
FS19 – Hooklift Sprayer V1.2 Download File
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