FS19 – Itrunner Pack V1

Itrunner Pack V1 mod for FS19.
ITR 26.33 HD: Price: 55.000€

HT 50 container: Price: 28.000€
Capacity: 48 000l

Grain container: Price: 10.000€
Capacity: 45 000l

Skip container: Price: 8.500€
Capacity: 3 000l

Fortis 2000: Price: 38.000€
Capacity: 32 000l
Working width: 15m

Slurry container: Price: 34.000€
Capacity: 15 000l
Working width: 12m

Bale container: Price: 7.000€
Wood container: Price: 7.500€

GIANTS Software

File Detail:19.2 MB / ZIP
FS19 – Itrunner Pack V1 Download File

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