FS19 – Mandalorian Bunker Pack Ext Unzip V2

Mandalorian Bunker Pack Ext Unzip V2 mod for FS19.

This is a pack that includeds The Mandalorian Bunker, The Razor Crest, and a random Mandalorian Warrior

(Exhale) Okay finally the finished working version of the Mandalorian Bunker (Another deep breath) I added a lot to this new version (like to much) First as you can see, it has a basment bunker (the whole thing is a bunker it’s self but the true bunker is in the basment) okay nock off the chitchat, To go inside the basment you must first dig out, otherwise it would be full of material.

What’s new besides the basment? A lot.
*Collsion and Textures
*Secret hideout
*Basment Duh
*Two Mandalorians
*Control throne
*More Helmets
*Oh, and a jet pack too!

Okay that finished the Mandalorian Bunker, in this pack as i said there’s the Razor Crest (If you don’t know what that is it’s from The Mandalorian Season 1) It’s Din Djarin’s ship (Not any ship a ship that looks like a grasshopper) Saddly this mod was just something extra and it’s pretty bad, has no collisions and bad textures.

*Mando and Baby yoda
*Nothing else

Now, last but not least, A mandalorian warrior
*Textures and collisions

Spartan_756/Grip 420/Damian Byc/ Binkley-Spacetrucker /Others/ (I couldn't find there user names) (I think there was others anyways)

File Detail:96.9 MB / ZIP
FS19 – Mandalorian Bunker Pack Ext Unzip V2 Download File
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