La Vieille Sevre Map V1.9 FS22

La Vieille Sevre Map V1.9 mod for FS22.

Here is my reconvention of the La Vieille Sevre map by Jerem modding!

– addition of pedestrians in the city center
– added a large forest towards the farm
– Fixed silo tarpaulin texture bug
– more door animation
– I smoothed the dairy farm a bit
– Replacement of all trees by those of fs22

Shortly :
– placement of buildings in the farm to be able to modify the farm

on this map you will find:
a farm with cow, bulls, calves, grain silo, silage silo
– 3 outlets
– More than 50 fields with meadows and crops
– 2 towns
– Changes to grass textures

I hope you will like the map. I would certainly do another update after v2 if you have any suggestions, I’m all ears!
Thanks to the EARL Modding team and tomimodding for the help and to Jerem modding for the agreement to publish the map!

eziooJerem moddingtomimodding

La Vieille Sevre Map V1.9 FS22 Download File
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