Nmc Griffin Reedit Remy V2.0 FS19

Nmc Griffin Reedit Remy V2.0 mod for FS19.

-Top speed: 800km/h
-Horse power: 520-3000 hp
-Engine configurations
-Front 3 point (in config)
-Wheel Configurations
-Design Configurations
-Base color config
-Design color config
-Rim color config
-Tension belt support
-UniversalPassenger Support (PC/MAC only)

Heavy Haul:
-Adjustable 5th wheel (moveable forward/backward)
-For the short chassis

Hooklift Short:
-Color config
-For short chassis

Hooklift Long:
-Color config
-For long chassis

-Color configs
-For short chassis

-Color configs
-For long chassis

Tussan08, North Modding Company reedit Remy

File Detail:55.5 MB / ZIP
Nmc Griffin Reedit Remy V2.0 FS19 Download File
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