Romanian Map for ETS2


Credits : elyxir
Romania map version 1.0
It is a map made ​​only players ETS 2!
The map was made ​​by elyxir with the support of: Patrasc, dot, eudorel, Moshu, Trajan Daser!

Map is version 1, which means that they follow updaturi!
You may not modify the map without the approval of elyxir!
Thank you very much for your support and wish you Pačuta fun!

român de Informații;

HARTA ROMANIEI versiunea 1.0
Este o harta realizat exclusiv jucatorilor de ETS 2 !
Harta a fost realizata de elyxir cu sprijinul lui : patrasc, Bulina, eudorel, Moshu, Traian si Daser!
Harta este la versiunea 1, ceea ce inseamna ca vor urma updaturi !
Nu aveti voie sa modificati Harta fara aprobarea lui elyxir !
Multumesc frumos pentru suport si va urez distractie pacuta !

Ets 2 , Euro Truck Simulator Romanian maps , harta romaniei Version 1.o

Maps work is requied Euro Truck Simulator 1.3.1 V

Map Not Work ETS2 1.0 and ETS2 1.2.5

Download Link ;!B98lXJAb!TTkJfmBSfub3xp1fs7TKdUyJtKd3T9D-3lV3pKHd73w

Map Torrent Download Link;



Romanian Map for ETS2 Download File

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5 Responses

  1. gaby says:

    Pacat ca nu functioneaza aceasta harta la ETS 2. 🙁

  2. RaresFlavius says:

    merge harta?

  3. Alex says:


  4. Alex says:

    Ce are ma ajuta si pe mn cineva ?

  5. samuel mazga says:

    cum descarc mapa

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