Rostselmash Torum 770 V1.0 FS22

Rostselmash Torum 770 V1.0 mod for FS22.

The Rostselmash package includes a Torum 770 combine harvester and a PowerStream 900 header

RSM Torum 770:
Price: 349,500$
Power: 520 hp
Capacity: 12300 l
Maximum speed: 27 km/h

The combine has a lot of animated elements including:
-The ladder
-The steering wheel base
-Passenger seat
And many more

Support for “interactive control” (Requires “FS22_interactiveControl”)
Mouse control’ or ‘Interactive control’ can be configured (for consoles)

RSM Power Stream 900:
Price: 56500$
Working width: 9.0m
Harvesting speed: 10 km/h
Heder adapts to the type of crop being harvested (crop splitters, canola extension)


Rostselmash Torum 770 V1.0 FS22 Download File
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