Spinnery Multifruit V1.2 FS22

Spinnery Multifruit V1.2 mod for FS22.

This Spinnery was created to work with Rogatki Multifruit and maps that have flax fiber and hemp fiber as windrow/bales from flax, respectively hemp harvest.

– added the flax and hemp fibers fillTypes, although if your map doesn’t have them, you can’t use them;
– the ingredients can no longer be bought via production menu, only boosters.

With use of Production Revamp it turns wool/cotton/flax fiber/hemp fiber into fabrics (material).
Delivering empty pallets (found on store or made by one of my pallet production) will boost productivity.
Can work without the new fillTypes (only some warnings in log).


Spinnery Multifruit V1.2 FS22 Download File
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