SpinTires – In The Ussuri Valley. Implications of Judy 2 Map 1.0

In the Ussuri Valley. Implications of Judy 2 Map 1.0 mod for Spintires.
Lite version of the map “In the Ussuri Valley. Judy’s consequences ”, but don’t expect it to be easy, the only relief is that you don’t have to look for trailers and carry them along …

As promised made the second version of the card. In general, there are no changes, except for the fact that he added logging to the map and two points of loading, but removed the trailers with the forest.

On the map:
1 logging
2 loading points
2 garages (1 closed)
4 power-saw benches
8 exploration points
5 cars on the map
4 empty slots
1 gas station

I would have laid it out earlier, but the computer got up, removed it from the hard and completed it on the laptop. I did not test this card, since it is basically a copy of the previous version (well, almost), I hope nothing is lost (a couple of objects in the editor without textures turned out for some reason and I just deleted them from the card … But on the laptop the game started up fine, it means it should be playable))) (it’s too lazy to test, she is fed up).

The card has its own sounds: opening intelligence points, opening a garage, unlocking equipment, delivering cargo to a sawmill, ending the game, if you do not want to listen to these sounds on other maps, delete the “game” folder from the “sounds” folder in “Media”.


File Detail:233.9 MB / RAR
SpinTires – In The Ussuri Valley. Implications of Judy 2 Map 1.0 Download File
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