SpinTires – Kadikchan Map v1.0

Kadikchan map v1.0 mod for Spintires.
Kadykchan is now a ghost town, but it is still alive here. In the morning you need to go round the territory with the district police officer and see if everything is in order in the neighborhood. Then you need to take the first shift of workers to the garage (garage parts) by bus. After that, take another shift from the company to your homes.

There are few all-wheel-drive vehicles on the map, if you don’t want to play along the plot, you can immediately replace the starting cars, but not
It is recommended to put a large technique. in towns narrow roads.

Installation: move all files with replacement without forgetting to make backups for return.

Also installed on the map:
– Groove-4234 – Authors: AlexNez, ZIL-130rus
– Mod ASCh-03 “Chernigov” -Author: Leg_Gen
– DrHamlet – help in creating a mod
– andreifilkov1 -help when testing mod
– Soul Reaver – working on textures
– Mod KAVZ-685 -Author: Creek (Based on the mod WG Sevastopol)

Size: 32×32 (1024 by 1024 meters)

On the map:
– 1 Garage (Closed)
– 1 Refueling
– 2 Loading Points
– 1 Passengers Landing (Lesopoval)
– 8 Passenger Landing Stops (Sawmills)
– 12 Intelligence Points
– 2 cars at the start


File Detail:420.2 MB / RAR
SpinTires – Kadikchan Map v1.0 Download File

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