Spintires – Mad Max – Fury Road Map

Mad Max – Fury Road Map mod for Spintires.

I finally finished work on “Mad Max”, it took a lot of time and nerves from me. And without the help of “colleagues in the shop” she would never have seen the light, for which many thanks to them. Thank you serg0 for the fact that at one time, long before the creation of this map, he converted and prepared, at my request, a car for this map. Thanks to barsikus5 for help in registration and also for the envelope of a couple of suitable cars. Thanks to ser.rosszz for preparing the themed plant here. Thanks to Sinnergynet for a short video and testing. A very long time ago the idea of ​​creating this card came to me, but I will always throw it halfway through, then there is no time and as it was the last time – it just “burned out” and there was no desire to make it. But there is one eloquent and most demanding player here (mishgan18), who convinced me to make this card nevertheless, knows how to present it in such a way that it is impossible to refuse, for which, in the end, he is also grateful.

Hope is a mistake. What was, you will not collect – you will only go crazy. You, Max, live in a distant post-apocalyptic future, once you heard on the radio how someone called for help, or the cannibalistic dogs attacked someone, or vultures from the desert, it was really hard to make out, but still You could not remain indifferent and hit the road. Ford or as you call him Interceptor, you loaned one of your friends from a nearby base for a while, so at the base you only have a huge fuel truck, on which you went to help. Having traveled around all the neighboring bases and examined the surroundings, you did not find anyone except the corpses, and there was enough “good” left at the bases, so he did not disappear, and you decided to take everything to your base. Yes, your people went a couple of days ago for wood fuel to the radioactive swamps, and they disappeared somewhere, it would not hurt to find the car either …

On the map:
– 1 base Z (garage);
– 1 base Max (sawmill);
– 1 fuel truck at the start (do not change, there are garage parts in it, they will only fit this car).

P.S. Unfortunately, the headlights on the fuel truck do not work for you, try to get to the neighboring base during daylight hours, otherwise it will be more difficult, although there are not many options, do not try to look for a shortcut or cut it, it will be more expensive for yourself. Look for refueling in cars scattered around the map, or refuel limitedly at base Z (returning there periodically). There are places where you shouldn’t think too much, you need to act quickly and boldly, but not to go into the “jungle” too much. Having opened the reconnaissance points, you find all the cars and deliver them to your base, as soon as you deliver them – the mission is completed! Unfortunately, this card is not entirely simple, that is, it is fully functional, but when you exit the game and then try to enter the game, you will have a crash, tried to get rid of it in various ways, it is useless. Until the cache is cleared, the game will not start, respectively, and the card was not cached, since the same trouble occurs. In general, if there is a desire to go through this card, then stock up on free time for more than one hour so that you can go through the map on the move and at a time. Also on the map is its own soundtrack from the movie Mad Max: Fury Road.


File Detail:806.0 MB / RAR
Spintires – Mad Max – Fury Road Map Download File
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