SpinTires Mudrunner – Base Chief 5 Map v1.0

Base Chief 5 Map v1.0 mod for Spintires Mudrunner.
Everything as usual. You are the head of the base, and as always you have a lot of worries.

To-do list:
1. Take the stones by construction site – delivery points 7,8,9 (We ship the stones into the dump trucks that are on the map,
if you doubt that you can deliver stones to them, Tonar is there, it clings to everything where there is
default semi trailers. How to load stones we watch video, one loading – one walk when reloading
the first stones disappear but not always, the mystery of nature)
2. Take the containers with the equipment to the base of 2 pieces – the place of delivery 5 (we put the container on
container semi-trailer and take the cargo as usual with logs in the simulator, we take to the place and there
we move the cargo to the crane loading area and also take the cargo, close the place of delivery).
3. Brought pigs for expansion of pedigree herds, take 10 pieces to the pigsty – place of delivery 1
(We ship with a gantry crane or Kraz-260 (it’s more convenient for me).
4. At the sawmill, bring the prepared forest of a special breed (special order received) 12 pcs – place of delivery 6
(we are looking all over the map, a lot is scattered). Ship Krazom-260.
5. We transport old generators from wind turbines to the transshipment base of 10 pieces – delivery point 4 (for loading
available New Holland W170C)
6. We collect empty coils we take to the warehouse 10 pieces – the place of delivery 2 (Guideline of the power transmission line).
Ship Krazom-260.
7. From the warehouse pick up the coil with a cable and take it to the substation 10 pcs – the place of delivery 3. We ship with Kraz-260.

The map has the following transport:
Magirus-290 Author: MaximDm67
KrAZ-256B2 Author: chekhrak
KrAZ-260 2 pcs. Posted by: msergt
MTZ82 3pcs. They are needed for pushing and pushing some loads under a canopy (it is much more convenient for them than to unload).
Posted by: pokemone
New Holland W170C 2 pcs (for loading / unloading cargo). Authors: chekhrak, Psix19rus, yansors
Gantry crane (for loading goods). Posted by: группа mBiG
Polupricep_bort for loading / unloading carriage of goods (put on all mods that take standard
semi-trailers). Authors: Muzden, Darius.
Bort_otkidnoy body with folding sides for easy loading of goods (put on all mods where they are put
default addons for KAMAZ). Author: Psix19rus
trailer_dumper_tonar is made specifically for the map. Posted by: chekhrak
Konteinerovoz semi-trailer. Posted by: chekhrak
There are also 4 free slots for your mods. It is advisable to put the mods that take the default semi-trailers
and (or) KAMAZ default bodies.

Thank you for the test card Maxim Elistratov, Alexey Glushak, Snake Gorynych.
Thanks also to everyone who helped create the map, and a special thanks to chekhrak.

ATTENTION!!! In multiplayer without SPmod, the map will not work. For those who are worth SPmod have the opportunity
control loaders without calling in the function, for this there is a separate folder (the contents should be uploaded to the media with replacement)
Scoring in the search (magnifying glass icon at the bottom left)% appdata% in the window that opens, look for the SpinTiresMod folder
and throw the contents of the folder “throw in the cache” there agreeing to replace, in the game you will need to configure SPmod
on the new as you wish. The controllers will remain when changing any settings, look for control on the notepad
(numbers on the right of the keyboard)


File Detail:232.9 MB / RAR
SpinTires Mudrunner – Base Chief 5 Map v1.0 Download File
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