SpinTires Mudrunner – Forest Area New Map v1.0

Forest Area New Map mod for Spintires Mudrunner.

The map size is 16×16 (512×512 m), the dirt is average, it is possible that you will get through on an incomplete drive, but this I can not guarantee, because I did not test the card on an incomplete drive.
Map tried to detail by max. I have a lot of maps made, but still I have little experience, and I do not know much about the editor, so your exclamations about the fact that I have already made a lot of maps is not appropriate .
I wrote a small plot for the map, read it, take a look. Have a nice passing!

The conversation is with the words of the workers!
Mikhalych: Zdarova Petrovich, how are you?
Petrovich: It’s normal, how?
Mihalych: There’s nothing to eat either.
Mikhalych; Do you know what happened to us !?
Petrovich: Which one?
Mihalych: You know our stones ((So the workers call a small mountain range))
Petrovich: Well …
Mikhalych: So, we had a key from it, so much that the road was washed out, the whole sawmill would soon be flooded, straight It’s a kind of pressure flowing, I was barely blown away by the UAZ …
Petrovich: Mdaaaa, I said for a long time that it would soon break through, but no one listened to me.
Petrovich: Even these loggers have cut down the trees near the road, and the branches and tops have not been removed, now it’s impossible to drive …
Mihalych: Well, at the same time, I come up to you, go to the peasants, where is the end of the asphalt?
Petrovich: Well, I need to bring the garage parts to the garage, otherwise it’s empty.
Mihalych: Oh, come on, put it to Sanka, stand there …
Petrovich: Okay, let’s put it, and in the evening on URAL I’ll come!
Mihalych: I’m waiting …
Time 21:05!
Mihalych: LLC, who came.
Petrovich: Zdarov muzhiks, well, shall we pass?
Guys: Come on …
After 6 hours.
You: (knocking on the door) …
Petrovich: Oh, and who are you?
You: I’m the new driver.
Petrovich: And where is the old one?
You: I do not know …
Petrovich: Well, listen, we have nobody here can not go, the next few days 2, here are your keys. They are from all cars in this area that you will find, take and eat! (slammed the door)
You: Well kapets …
It was a small dialogue, he a little enlightened you in the story!

On the map (Autumn):
– 1 Garage (Closed)
– 1 Refueling
– 1 Timbering
– 2 Loading Points (New, Random)
– 4 Sawmills
– 4 Points of Intelligence
– 3 Auto on start (replaceable) +1 (On sawmill) +2 on the map (1 with garage) + there is a random!

Sasha Nanaev

SpinTires Mudrunner – Forest Area New Map v1.0 Download File
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