SpinTires Mudrunner – Kraz-7140 (Non-Uncoupling Semi-Trailer) v4.5

Kraz-7140 (Non-Uncoupling Semi-Trailer) mod for Spintires Mudrunner.

– 10 of its own + 15 standard add-ons;
– Various animations (including rotary rear axle);
– your sound (nothing replaces);
– your load.

The color of the cab to choose from!
Sortimentovoz does not disengage from collisions (but remove or put it can only be in the garage).
View from the cockpit without a dashboard.

3d model is taken from the game KrAZ
Working with the 3d model: Darius, Den Huan Addon
authors: CyMpak, Den Huan, Darius, Muzden (rus)
Author of the assembly and modification: Serega Beloshludtsev
Special thanks for the original fashion I want to express Darius-su, Den Huan-well, CyMpak-ku, Myzden-well (rus) Thank you for the work done!

Version 4.5 for Spintires: MudRunner (v29.01.18-18 / 03/06):

Update 4.0:
– Added a new trailer and new loads (Logs)
– Lowered the sensitivity of the steering
– Now the rear axle is not driven, the middle axle is connected, and the throughput has not changed.

Update 4.1 (27.03.18): New wheels on cars and trailers

Update 4.3 (04.04.18):
– Fixed glare on the glasses, logo of the crash, headlight textures
– Decreased maximum speed
– Rear axle now all-wheel drive
Update 06.04.18: Fixed sound

Update 4.5 (10.04.18): New sounds

Serega Belosludtsev

SpinTires Mudrunner – Kraz-7140 (Non-Uncoupling Semi-Trailer) v4.5 Download File

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