Spintires Mudrunner – NP13 – Wrecker Map v0.2

NP13 – Wrecker Map mod for Spintires Mudrunner.

My second card …

In the area there was earthquake and flood (as well as other cataclysms. we include imagination.
Our task is to find all cars in the area and evacuate them to the parking lot, there to fix and refill.
We act as a rescuer at URAL 4320, it has a crane (there is not much use for such a crane, but there is not a normal tow truck evacuator in the default game
So we will carry cars on the winch.)

On the basis of the rescuers, there is a gas station and a KAMAZ petrol tanker, as there are a lot of repair trailers.
Bridge to the database is broken, but there is a solution – a mistimed challenge from tanker truck to repair the fence can be repaired and to fill any technique
(of course some cars UAZ and ZAZ can be stupid “cause” to the car at the base, but this will be considered cheating
Machines that are repaired can be used to evacuate others …

On the map, after earthquake, roads are damaged, faults, etc. were formed. (tried to convey as best I could

There is no Sawmill and Garage on the map !!! NO
This card is not about the transportation of logs, but about the evacuation of cars

PS: For those who really like realism and ask questions like – “but how do they carry logs, a helicopter ??”, “why is there a checkpoint ??” de not why! simply there are no objects in the editor of the others.
etc …..
This is a GAME! and include fantasy, imagination … Those who saw the editor will realize that it’s hard to blink from what’s there!
Very few objects
Constant problems with geometry ..
Since this is a Beta version, I ask to protest, maybe something is wrong somewhere ..
it’s better if someone makes a Video review … (I’ll attach it to the map here)

On the map: 
– There’s NO garage!
– 1 Refueling
– Lesopoval NO!
– Loading points NO!
– There is NO PILOAM!
– 6 Points of Intelligence
– 2 Auto at start + 1 slot

Version 0.2 for Spintires: MudRunner (v07.11.17):
added roads, at home
reworked the “base”, congresses, landscape …
changed the location of some cars


Spintires Mudrunner – NP13 – Wrecker Map v0.2 Download File
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