Worldmap Satellite Background ATS 1.41.x

Worldmap Satellite Background mod for ATS 1.41.x.

Update – Added State ID’s and Yellowstone Park Boundary

Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming (entire USA exists on the map, but other states are not touched up)

– touched up map of states listed above to eliminate extraneous/distracting artifacts.
– added LARGE bodies of water coordinated with ATS roads

(NOTE: because one pixel on the map is more than 0.25 mile (425m) across, only LARGE bodies of water are included),

– Crater Lake
– Lake Tahoe
– Puget Sound
– Salton Sea
– San Francisco Bay
– Upper Klammath Lake
– Palisades Reservoir

Eddie Yantz

File Detail:5.3 MB / SCS
Worldmap Satellite Background ATS 1.41.x Download File
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  1. Big guy says:

    Is there away please to make this compatible with Promods Canada and Reforma maps. And thank you for this

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