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MB o405 TD 3

Omsi Bus Mercedes Benz o405

Credits: by hakaness Omsi Bus Simulator Mercedes Benz New Chasis O405 from the mid-1980s to the early 2000s was produced in the Mercedes Benz factory in Mannheim, Germany.

Prague line 235 2

Prague line 235 V2

Credit :AfG Omsi Bus Simulator Prague line 235 Map.The real map of Prague lines 235, which would actually like the spitting. Definitely one of the best things to OMSI has ever created. download links were...

en9091 1

Omsi Bus Man EN 90

Credits: Delta757 MAN NL202 BVG Edition. Compared to the original MAN NL202 has a back door demand, improved IBIS and repaint and new sounds.