Omsi 2 Three Generations

As you all know OMSI 2 is the best bus game ever developed in the game history. Many countries developed some packs for their own brands, companies. The three generations is located in the Hamburg, Germany. The new package is totally differs from the old version of the game with its new features and new busses.


There are busses from 1992 to 2012 and you can modify the seats and cockpits of the busses as you wish. The recommended features for you personnel computer is; you should have at least Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8.  At least 3 GHz, multi-core CPU processor is needed with at least 4 GB RAM. To benefit from the graphics in the best way your computer needs to have at least 2 GB of on dedicated VRAM with at least 2 GB free space in your hard drive.


The users who are the fans of the game are mostly happy with the new busses the game offers to them but they all say that they have the same matter with the force feedbacks on the bumpy roads. Also the game has a bonus feature with its very cheap price, the company offers three of the games for a single game price. The three generations is accepted as the best addon ever done for the OMSI 2 too. The new addon has about ten busses but when you buy the expand package you will only have seven at the beginning. After you install and have seven of the busses and then you will able to download three more from the internet. The game also offers a new bus which is totally different from other busses to drive. Many people struggle to learn how to drive this bus, it seems like this bus is only for the professional game players and drivers.


If you are willing to play any kind of simulation games and you like busses Three Generations (OMSI 2) will be the best option for you to pick and start. You can buy the game from the official web site of the company or from the Steam.

Buy Steam Three Generations Addons OMSI 2

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