Do you remember The Greatest Games of your Childhood?


Technology has come into our lives very fast. Almost 30 years most of have been growing up with computers. Computer games played an important role in our childhood and so much time most of us spent in front of the computer. Shooting aliens, collecting coins and jewels and solving puzzles were our hobbies. As the time passed we started to play with people around the world via internet connection. In short, most of us grew with computer games and they were our passion. In this essay we will mention about the legendary kids games of our childhood. When we talk about these games, you think that you are getting old. Time is passing fast and day by day technology has been coming into our lives fast, too.
Here are some legendary games of our childhood. First of these games is Knight. It had launched 12 year ago. It has affected game marketing very much and it has still being played most of the game players. The next one is War Craft. We used light saber in this game with the Star War jet Kyle Katarn. It was the first game we used light saber effectively. So, it was pleasure to play this game for hours. If it is possible, you want to play it again, don’t you? The other one Grand Theft Auto. Do you remember? Doubtlessly, it was one of the most colorful games of GTA series. So, it is different from the other games. It is impossible to forget this game.

It is still played in every internet café in our country. The next one is Championship Manager which was released at about 13 years ago is a football game. It was so perfect for fans of this game. One of the greatest games is Quake. It has been funnier than the all other games so far. It was loved because of its quality and playing easy. There were so many tournaments in the game. The legendary game is Need for Speed. I predict that all the children must have played this game. For 14 years, it is in our lives and we have spent so many times with racing. It has been developed by the technology and 2 Player Games it is the best one ever. Counter Strike. You played this game in your childhood, didn’t you? It was one of the legendary games of our childhood. Although it has been years it first launched, it is still one the best games for us.
The legendary games of our childhood are so much that we didn’t write most of them. Because we grew up with the technology and it affected our lives with advantages and disadvantages. When we think our childhood, it is not surprising the hours we spent in front of the computer. We had played all of them because they gave us passion and happiness. Technology had just been coming into our lives and it attracted us very much.

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